We are an evergreen investment manager seeking alpha in every asset class.

  Alpha (α) is a term used in investing to describe an investment strategy's ability to beat the market, or its "edge." Alpha is thus also often referred to as “excess return” or “abnormal rate of return”.

We like to see ourselves as disciplined capital allocators but also at times as passionate operators.

  In the start-up world, operators are the senior leaders who build and scale companies as they grow. They're not usually in the limelight; most often they're the ones working quietly in the background, studying tactics, analyzing data, and figuring out what works.

We partner with investors and founders that demonstrate strong domain expertise whilst pursuing a very relevant vertical thesis.

  Domain expertise implies knowledge and understanding of the essential aspects of a specific field of inquiry. In other words, you need to know your stuff.

Based out of Dubai but with a global footprint.

  Dubai! where else, city of dreams and aspirations imagining the future for generations to come.